Quadcopter surveying

Quadcopter on mission! Thanks to our brand new quadricopter technology, you can have a precise insight of your home's roof condition, within minutes, no matter the height of the building! You will be able to see with your very own eyes the problems affecting your roof. You will be provided a footage if you request it.

Moisture protection

Moisture London Roofing Specialists offers you its expertise to eliminate your home's most dangerous hazard: moisture. Damp can easily ruin your home, resulting in huge costs of repair if not handled properly or soon enough. Read more on moisture portection on Roofers in London's dedicated page.

Upgrading your roof

roofing result London Roofing Specialists can also upgrade the durability of your roof! You can save a lot of money on thermal insulation: your roof is your home's best friend against the summer heat and the winter chill. See on our dedicated page how you can strengthen your home and shield it away from any potential issue or harm.

Roof assessment

DCIM102GOPRO Our many years of experience allow us to be able to readily and precisely identify any flaw in your roof, whether you need to repair it urgently or not, and how much it may cost you. Find more about roof assessment on Roofing Specialists in London.

About Us

Our interesting story

Roofing specialists London's mission is to provide you with the best possible service, with the highest workmanship. We are in particular committed to use the best products currently available at a price affordable for you.

We specialise in the installation, maintenance and repairing of any roofing system. We have the experience and expertise to accomodate any roofing needs that you may require.

We are fully licensed and insured.

We provide you with free quotes at a time suitable to you.

Every one of our works is inspected before and after to ensure quality service and peace of mind. When you are in the very serious industry of roof restorations, roof repairs & re-roofing, it is essential to us that you give customers a fair market price for the job, along with professional expertise. Every one of our works carries a guarantee, along with a 10 to 20 years product guarantee.

Feel free to contact us immediatly if you need any advice or assessment or would like to obtain quickly a cost estimate for any roof work.

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