Roofers in London is one of the only roofing contractors in London to provide clients with the informations gathered by a camera quadrocopter. Save money! For regular roof-checking, you will have to pay between 250£ and 350£, our Camera Quadrocopter service will only cost you 100£. You will also be able to precisely see, with you very own eyes, whether your roof is damaged, where it may be repaired. You can also keep it, it may help you for your home insurance if you keep recorded proof of your roof’s good condition. Save time! on good weather conditions, the checking takes nothing more than a few minutes, and you have the result immediatly.

Plus, you can now obtain direct explanation from your roofing contractor: you can make sure that you are being told the enitre true, and can see with your own eyes the problems that will have to be solved, witout going on the top of your roof by yourself.

If you would like to know more about this unique service that will save your money and your time, make sure to contat us immediatly.

Quadrocopter on mission!

A much more convenient, far quicker and less costly alternative roof assessment method.