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Roofer in Chelsea has plenty of experience in roofing and guttering. Whether you need emergency roof repairs because of leaks or cracked guttering, or you’re planning a full roof replacement. Roofer in Chelsea can help you. When you employ Roofer in Ealing you can be assured of a personal and professional service from a company who know that their continued success is only guaranteed by satisfied customers.

You’re in control of your spend. Be it an determine or an emergency maintenance, we will let you know about any charges and you determine on how much you spend.

We are specializes in all models of domestic roofing and scaffolding. We specialize in slating, tiling, flat roofs, zinc work, lead work, guttering, skylights, carpentry work, coping stones, insulation and many, many more. We have our own scaffolding, which means that work can be done more speedily, we can also control when the scaffolding is erected and dismantled. All of our work force at is qualified, qualified and skilled. We train and teach our teams to the highest levels so that we can offer the best possible assistance to you, our client. Our young apprentices are sent on different skilled courses to obtain the relevant qualifications.

 Our company is built on hard work and due diligence of its work force. Our assisting attitude and professionalism is what sets us apart from the rest.We believe that your roof is an important asset to your property because it is the only safety that covers you and your belongings from the weather conditions. We only use the very best and highest quality materials and products for all our works.

For a friendly and personal service, we invite you to contact now to book one of our surveyors to attend free of charge. We will provide you with a free estimate and then you can decide if you would like a team to undertake any work or repairs.

All non-emergency estimate visits are free of charge – our qualified estimators will locate the defects and provide a full written report including photos.Our emergency roofing teams are always on hand to undertake repairs on an hourly cost.

With the expertise and resources to undertake any size of contract, our team of experienced roofers will undertake every roofing job with the same professional approach. We understand that you are trusting us to carry out critical work on your building, be it your home or a commercial property.

Our range of roofing services include:


  • New Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Lead Work
  • Slating
  • Asphalting
  • Tiling
  • Cladding
  • Up Facials & Soffits
  • Guttering
  • Re-Pointing
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Roof Coating

Slate and Tile roof

Roof tiles, an essential component of most people’s homes.


In England, the roofs can be easily damaged by the peculiar weather conditions of that island.

Roof tiles are mainly designed to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. Today, modern materials such as concrete and  plastic are also used. It should also be noted that some clay tiles benefit from a waterproof glaze.
There are many different types of roof tiles and slates which are made from various materials and have a great variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are the definitions of some of the most used terms in the roof reparing industry:
Slate: thin rectangular sections of quarried metamorphic rock that come in varying sizes and thicknesses.
Plain Tiles: small rectangular sections of clay with a smooth or sanded surface finish.
Pantiles: a distinctive clay tile with an ‘S’ shaped profile.
Roman Tiles: similar to a Pantile, but has a cross section that is flat with a small roll.

Liquid rubber Roof

It is a cold liquid directly applied on the roof. This MMA Resin-based waterproofing system can be brushed or roller-applied. It is a rapid curing two coats membrane that fixes within 20 minutes and can be trafficked within an hour providing a fully bonded, tough surface with 200% elasticity. This smooth material is available in seven standard colours (or any RAL on request).

Liquid rubber provides a cured membrane with a similar finished to GRP or EPDM but with greater flexibility and faster application. It is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofing and is available with an Anti-Skid finish for designated walkways or as a standalone system.

Find more with those videos:

ProGuard Liquid Rubber

Fibre glass Roof

What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) is a material manufactured out of a combination of various elements. Primarily, it’s made of a reinforced plastic resin that is intercut with fine fibres of glass for enhanced resistance and durability. Fibreglass is used for a variety of purposes including roofing for both domestic and commercial properties; it wordks great as a roof surface for garages, sheds, warehouses, conservatories and any property extensions.

Loose roof tiles, worn paint and the formation of small cracks and holes across the roof can lead to leaks which can cause serious damp and structural problems in your home. Laying a new fibreglass roof might be the perfect solution to these problems. To find out which product might be the most suitable for you, contact us now, it will be our pleasure to advice you about it.

Benefits of fibreglass roofs

⦁ First of all, fibreglass is a very tough, robust material that can be laid without any seam, thus preventing any trespassers from finding a way to break into your property.
⦁ It is also has very little intrinsic value if removed, deterring thieves from damaging your property.
⦁ The robustness of fibreglass makes it extremely durable, with roofs fitted today lasting as long as 20 to 30 years.
⦁ This is mainly due to its ability to ward off wet and windy weather that easily attacks felt and bitumen roofs, therefore effectively protecting your home from any irritating leaks – making it a weatherproof, dependable option too.
⦁ Fibreglass can also be easily repaired, extended or replaced if needs be; a simple gel resin applied with a paint gun can offer extra protection for an extensive period of time, while applying acrylic paint to the surface of your fibreglass roof can also help it last longer.
⦁ As a particularly lightweight material, fibreglass is also very quick and easy to lay, saving you money in prolonged labour costs and with minimum disruption to your home.
⦁ The strength of fibreglass also allows it to be laid on flat roofs and then tiled over and used as a roof garden or upstairs patio/balcony area.
⦁ Some contractors might refer you to stronger roofing materials, but fibreglass is less brittle and much cheaper than something like carbon-fibre – so don’t be fooled out by any alternative suggestions before you have thoroughly looked into them.
Finally, you might think fibreglass is a dull and lifeless looking material, but that is simply no longer the case; fibreglass now comes in a variety of colours and surface textures for you to choose from, making it a very versatile roofing option.

Here is a short documentary about some effective roofing repair products

Felt roof

Roofing felt, also called “tar paper”, is a material that lies between the actual roof and the house and the final layer of roofing material. It is an added layer of protection from the elements, and a necessary layer, should even one shingle be blown off of your roof in a storm. It is essentially polyester or fiberglass fleece that is soaked in some waterproofing agent.


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The roofing needs of a home or business are a very important responsibility. For anyone who has ever faced the need to repair or replace this building covering, the decisions that must be made to ensure the safety and protection of the building can be overwhelming.

Under these circumstances, the need for a contractor appears to be very evident. A reputable roofing company will not only fix or repair any problems; they can also help prevent future damages from occurring.

If a roof has faced storm damage, it is easier for an owner to look at it and see that reparing work is needed. On the other hand, many people may look at their building covering and believe that there does not appear to be any problem at all. It does not always mean that it is problem-free just because a problem is not immediatly “apparent”! Below are some of top reasons to hire a reputable contractor for all roofing concerns.

Ensuring your Building Protection, a key responsibility


Roofing is a vital part of a building because it protects everybody and everything under it from the sun’s bright rays or the pouring rain. Dirt, leaves, algae and other particles may shorten its lifespan, not to mention that extreme weather conditions will show no mercy if there is any pre-existing problem. Very similar to the human body, this crucial part of every home needs to have periodic check-ups to keep away from any problems that could otherwise be detected and resolved at an earlier level

Contractors have maintenance checklists to look for any problems. They can detect damage or problems at an early stage. Having built their expertise over many years of experience, the Roofing Specialists in London will make knowledgeable suggestions on current covering needs. According to its condition, the decision can be made to simply repair the existing damage, and protect the rest of the roof for any further deterioration, or to replace the entire top covering. Since most people only realize there is a problem when it rains, a professional assessment can save a building owner from facing an imperative need to repair or replace a roof only to find that most of the contractors have previous commitments. This can be a serious mistake for anyone in need of quick response.

Provide Quality Workmanship

Any reliable roofing company complies with local regulations to stay away from any future legal issues and give their customers peace of mind. We closely monitor every one of our missions and constantly check workmanship to maintain a high standards to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with the work that has been performed.

At some point almost every person will require a professional contractor for their building roofing needs. Finding the best contractor for the job is essential for all of the reasons mentionned above. We shall provide your roof with what it needs as well as produce a unique and elegant outstanding aesthetic appearance to the whole building.

There are many factors that may contribute to you needing to know the cost of re-roofing a house in 2014.

Whether your roof has been damaged from the weather or has just begun to deteriorate due to typical wear and tear, re-roofing may be necessary.

If you need to know the cost of re-roofing, contact London roofing specialists for average re-roofing prices. If you are wondering how much it costs to retile a roof, it is best to contact your local roofing companies to ensure you are getting the most accurate estimate.

To establish the average cost to re-roof a house, you can compare a number of quotes from local roofers, and remember to always ask for estimates before you sign on the dotted line; after all, it is a quite expensive (albeit worthwhile!) investment.

Feel safe in your home

Estimated Costs of the most frequent damp-related works

  • Drilled damp-proof injection in a single non-party wall: 20-30 £ per linear metre
  • Rising damp treatment for entire property: 150-180 £ per square metre
  • Waterproof render of entire property, including removal of sockets, electrical outlets and radiators. 1250 £ for labour and 350£ for materials
  • Waterproof render of plaster in entire property, including use of injector pump: 750 £ for labour and 220 £ for materials
  • Damp-proof course, including plaster board treatment and tanking walls: 180-220 per square metre
  •  Bay windows render and drain installation following ordinary damp proof course:  520 £ for labour and 220£ for materials (incl. tipping)