Beware of moisture!

London Roofing Specialists can also help you fight back the most dangerous hazard: moisture. Damp can easily ruin your home, trigerring huge costs of repair if not handled correctly or soon enough.

We also specialise in preventing moisture from invading your home thanks to a very efficient moisture protection.

If you notice humidity on you walls, stain on your ceiling or a persistent mould smell inside your home, you house may be endangered, call us immediatly.


Protecting your home for enhanced safety and comfort.

London Roofing Specialists can also upgrade the durability and strenghtness of your roof! Whether you would like to reinforce you home’s protection against moisture or save money thanks to a brand-new, state of the arts thermal insulation, London Roofing Specialists will always advice you the most tailored option for your very home. You have questions. We have answers. Just ask!

Our many years of experience allow you to precisely identify any flaw in your roof, whether you need to preventively repair it, and how much it may cost you.


Especially here in the UK, roofs can get damaged quite fast…


We advice anyone who is moving to a new house, or anyone who has not had their roof assessed for a long period of time (or never) to apply for a formal check-up. Because having your roof regularly checked is the best way to save money on urgent, expensive works.

Call us now if you would like to know more about this service.

Whether you have to deal with an urgent need for a new roof or you have another roofing project on you own (buying a house, renovation of an old one, isolation and so on), you need precise informations and expert advice.

Nowdays there are many reasons for roofing renovation; it could be dangerous for you, your family, your friends and your futur projects to not renovate your roof or not to get an high quality one. Also note that obtaining a high quality roof now will help you to save money later on.

You may also like to see your beautiful and modern home everyday when you’re coming back from your work, there is no comparable pleasure that feeling safe and comfortable at home.

Here are some information to help you through the different steps of the process.

We specialise in all aspects of the roofing trade including:

  • Slating and tiling;
  • New roofs;
  • Repairs;
  •  Flat roofs;
  •  Renewal of fascias and guttering;
  •  Free roof surveys available;
  • References available.


For your protection, every work we do is fully insured and guaranteed.