Slate and Tile roof

Roof tiles, an essential component of most people’s homes.


In England, the roofs can be easily damaged by the peculiar weather conditions of that island.

Roof tiles are mainly designed to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. Today, modern materials such as concrete and  plastic are also used. It should also be noted that some clay tiles benefit from a waterproof glaze.
There are many different types of roof tiles and slates which are made from various materials and have a great variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are the definitions of some of the most used terms in the roof reparing industry:
Slate: thin rectangular sections of quarried metamorphic rock that come in varying sizes and thicknesses.
Plain Tiles: small rectangular sections of clay with a smooth or sanded surface finish.
Pantiles: a distinctive clay tile with an ‘S’ shaped profile.
Roman Tiles: similar to a Pantile, but has a cross section that is flat with a small roll.

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