Videos from Roofers in London

Roofers in London’s mission #1: Roof Assessment

Before every mission, our crew goes on top of the roof to check what needs to be done : here you can see what we go through during the process!

Roofers in London’s mission #2: Roofing in Fulham

We take you to a roof in Fulham; throughout a day of work ontop of a client’s roof.

Roofers in London’s mision #3: Quadrocopter Demonstration

Here you can see what a quadrocopter looks like: a small, very manageable and fast camera device which possesses an incredible range of more than 2 kilometers. This video was recorded on Wednesday, 13th of August, 2014 in Lampton park, Hounslow, London.

Roofers in London’s mision #4: Preparatory observation in Chiswick

Roofers in London’s mision #5: New mission in Chiswick